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Mature Cuckolds

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Things were getting a bit stale in that marriage so the guy came up with something really special. He and the wife were to have a romantic dinner at home. The hubby ordered some pizza and paid the pizza guy… continue reading »

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It was the girl’s birthday and her older (in fact, much older) husband could feel the tension in the air. Of course he had already given her presents but he felt she wanted something really special. So, he jokingly blindfolded… continue reading »

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When your wife is young and quite literally insatiable, what can you do? Well, this man here, he decided to take the cuckolding path. Gradually he realized it’s such a thrill watching his young lovely wife boned by strangers! So,… continue reading »

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There were barely any sparkles at all between the two. The guy and his wife had a romantic evening in the garden planned, but you know, it just wasn’t working out. So, the husband had to take this decision! Watch… continue reading »

Mature Cuckolds

Why the couple was having that young dude over their place for drinks? Quite simple, actually. The husband, much older than the girl, complained at work that his wife was getting bitchy – and he could understand why. So, after… continue reading »